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How to fix your Social media in 9 easy steps.

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We are all guilty of neglecting social media from time to time. Sometimes we may have big ideas for multi-level campaigns and it’s very exciting. Other times it’s ticking over in the back of our minds and we are just making content for the sake of it. 

It ends today! 

Follow our nine easy steps to #NoMoreBadSocialMedia

1. Make a plan

It’s so simple and easy, so why aren’t you doing it? A plan helps you identify areas that might need more input or potential posts that might require dedicated graphics or more tlc. As a rule of thumb, we like to stay two weeks ahead of content planning. This time period allows us to feel organised and in control of our social media. It also allows for any changing that may pop up or any new content or features we decide to join in the conversation.


2. Define your audience

You may be able to sell your products or services to everyone, but you can’t target everyone with all of your social content. You can’t speak directly to your best potential customers if you’re trying to speak to their kids and parents and spouses and colleagues at the same time.

As you develop your target audience definition, don’t be afraid to get highly specific. You can start with broad categories like millennials or single dads. But good social media audience research will allow you to get into much finer detail. Your audience are the people who are most likely to be interested in your content, products, or services. They are likely united by some common characteristics, like demographics and behaviours.

3.Robots aren’t your friend

Did you know you can buy approx. 1000 followers for about £5? You may think that’s a good deal – no leg work, just instant big numbers. Wrong! 

Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram actually punish users who purchase followers. Just because you have a high follower count doesn’t mean they will engage with your content. Low engagement rates and high follow rates won’t end well for you. 

A few years ago Facebook banned over 2 billion fake accounts so there is a chance your new fake followers won’t even stick around.


4. Define your brand voice

Not every company can be a @wendys. Since brand personalities became a big deal in the world of social, everyone has tried to jump on the train. There are a lot of companies out there thriving with their audience being a little cheeky, using memes and banter in their content strategy. However, it is not for everyone. You need to know your audience and understand the tone of voice that will most attract their attention. This can take a lot of planning, practice and patience.

A brand voice lets you put a face onto your brand and the personality shines through. People often want connection, not information. Do this right, and you could end up with an army of fans who will gladly grow your brand for you.


5. Don’t jump on every trend

Sometimes it’s not your place to say. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t be doing fun challenges or jumping on the back of viral memes. Absolutely you should be if they’re light, fun and appropriate. 

Over the years we’ve just seen some social media faux pas that has left a bad taste in our mouths, as companies have hastily checked what’s trending and tried to put something out, blowing up in their faces. 

Do your research.

Check your trends.

Think before you type.


6. Deleting the haters

It’s scary when someone comes at your brand fully loaded and ready for battle. 

It is known that sometimes people who have had bad experiences speak faster than those who are happy with your service. Especially out in the open on social media for all to see.

Use it as a place for learning. A sense of humanity, authenticity and genuine concern can defuse a situation much more efficiently than deleting their comment and hiding their post. Instead, reach out and talk to them.

We’ve all seen a few viral posts from brands blasting their customers back. By doing so, you are more than likely going to miss the mark and it’s not going to look good. If the post is really bad or what they are saying is inappropriate then hideaway. If not, use this as an opportunity.


7. Nobody cares about your bland content

Nobody cares about your white background product photos on social media. Nobody cares about your 10-minute long video where you talk to the camera. Sorry, not sorry. Most platforms are so overwhelmingly visual you need to GRAB YOUR READER. You need them to stop scrolling and look at what you’re posting, otherwise, they’re gone. 

It’s estimated the average person looks at a post for approximately 4 seconds. 

4 seconds is all you get so step it up.


8. Interact with your audience

Sometimes you get comments on your content, why don’t you ever talk back? One of the best feelings for users is knowing that there’s someone on the other end of their post. 

People love to share their experiences on social media.


When people want to talk to you or engage with you let them and make them feel valued, even if you are just saying hello, or thank you.


Now it is time for our final tip to save your sinking ship.


9. Start posting! Social media is: 

Content. Engagement. Content. Engagement. Content. Engagement ……

So stop sitting on the sidelines and get in there. Experiment with your platform. Do your research. Try something new. I can look into my mystic ball and tell you what’s going to work for your brand, but you can never predict what the internet is going to love next. 

You’re never going to become a social media brand icon if you don’t start posting content. 



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