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Short Courses

As digital specialists, our goal is to help bridge the digital skills gap by providing accredited training to individuals to support businesses.

Many companies admit it’s a growing challenge to find employees with the digital know-how. We’ve designed tailored digital programmes that focus on the mindset, skillset, and toolset of training to help you develop the best talent in-house within your organisation.

At +24 Academy, we understand that now – more than ever – flexible online training and education is a key priority for your business.

Our high-quality digital marketing training features an extensive range of online digital courses to choose from, so we can guarantee there’s a programme that suits your business’s unique needs.

Marketing 101

An introduction to marketing

Skills to be a digital marketer

An overview of the skills, knowledge and attitudes you need to be a good digital marketer

What is digital marketing?

An introduction to digital marketing

Google for business (SEO and more)

Details what SEO is, why Google is important and how to use it

Content, content, content

How to develop content that catches attention

Social media platforms

An overview and introduction to some of the most popular social platforms

Social media for business

How to think about and use social media platforms for business

Earned vs paid promotion (online)

What’s the difference between earned and paid online promotions, and how do you use them?

Email marketing 101

An essential guide on how to use email marketing

Online advertising 101

The platforms, tools and strategies to get you started in online advertising

Digital marketing agency ‘secrets’

What do the professionals do?

Keeping your business and your customers safe online

A guide to cyber security and how to stay safe

LinkedIn masterclass

How to use LinkedIn, from setting up to tricks of the trade

Facebook masterclass

How to use Facebook, from setting up to tricks of the trade

Twitter masterclass

How to use Twitter, from setting up to tricks of the trade

Digital marketing jargon

Understanding the experts

Design 101

How to make content look engaging, and an overview of some useful free tools


A key ingredient to a successful campaign


Demographics and understanding your audience


Using analytics to understand performance

Can employee training address skill shortages?

Absolutely. While a number of the courses we offer aren’t required by law in the same way as Health and Safety for example, it doesn’t mean they’re any less important. But hey, we may be bias… either way, they’re designed to upskill the employee and benefit your business.

Will digital marketing training improve the performance and morale of my employees?

Yes! The skills gained from following our courses will give your employees extra knowledge that can be used to improve quality and performance in their job role.

An employee who feels supported by their employer to progress will be motivated and happier overall within their job. Therefore, employee training has been shown to boost morale and overall wellbeing, as well as productivity and performance.

Will it improve the retention of my employees?

Training an employee gives them the opportunity to grow in a position, resulting in them being motivated to progress further and continue growing. Investing in training an employee means they will develop increased self-worth as they become more valuable to the company.

Will training my employees have an impact on my customers?

Untrained employees can make mistakes. Not only can this result in a loss of money and time, but it can also harm on your reputation and customer satisfaction levels.

Dissatisfied customers can quickly lose trust in your company or take their business elsewhere.

Therefore, investing in employee training will prevent errors and lead to a more productive and efficient workforce, which will help you to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Train your team and achieve digital success

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